Western Row Road Dynamic Advanced Warning System

June 7, 2021
Warren County Transportation Improvement District

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, WARREN COUNTY, OH - The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (TID) has been working closely with Deerfield Township to analyze traffic and safety patterns on Western Row Road between Socialville-Fosters Road and the bridge over Union Run. Sight distance has been a long-standing issue along the roadway and several upcoming regional projects, including the replacement of the King Avenue Bridge, are expected to lead to temporary higher traffic volumes throughout this corridor.


To address safety concerns for those who live and travel along this important connection in the roadway network, the Warren County Engineer's Office reviewed multiple improvement options and evaluated each option against a matrix that considered safety features, property impacts, and available resources. The analysis showed that a newly developed system, known as a Dynamic Advanced Warning System, would effectively address the need for safety improvements along this section of Western Row Road.


Just as the name suggests, the Dynamic Advanced Warning System will provide drivers with a visual warning that traffic is within the detection zone. The system includes the installation of two poles with detectors mounted at the top. The radar technology will detect vehicles within approximately 250 feet in either direction of the sensors. Upon detection of oncoming vehicles on Western Row Road, motion sensors will activate flashing lights to warn drivers exiting properties along the corridor of approaching traffic. This is expected to result in safer travel not only for local property owners, but for all who travel along this roadway.


A construction contract has been awarded to Bansal Construction, Inc. of Fairfield, Ohio. Activity should begin sometime in August 2021, but this will be dependent upon delivery of the equipment by their supplier. Installation will take about one week. The road will be closed to the general motoring public, but residents will have access to their property as the contractor will provide limited traffic control using flaggers.