Public Hearing to be continued in progress until December 12th Zoning Commission

November 14, 2022

Public Hearing to be Continued in Progress Until December 12th Zoning Commission Meeting:


Fifty West Brewing (Case 2022-349) – Stage II – Final PUD Plan

Recently, Bobby Slattery, Fifty West Brewing Company, on behalf of Silverman & Company Inc., submitted a Stage II – Final PUD Plan application to construct a new brewery within the District at Deerfield off of Parkway Drive.


On November 9, 2022, it was indicated to staff that two (2) zoning commission members will be absent from the November 14, 2022 meeting (Ms. Kristi Budd & Mr. Tim Rowell). The zoning commission is comprised of five (5) board members. In order to hold a meeting, there has to be a quorum (at least three (3) members) present to conduct official business. When there are three (3) members present, a unanimous vote is needed for approval. In such a case the full board is not present, the applicant is given the option to move forward with review by the available members or request to continue the case in progress until all five (5) zoning commission members are present to vote on the application. Per a written request received on November 10, 2022, the applicant has formally requested the application be continued in progress until all five (5) members are present.


At the November 14, 2022 Zoning Commission meeting, the board will be presented with the formal request and vote to continue the public hearing in progress to the next available meeting on Monday, December 12, 2022. As such, there will be no public comments accepted or further board discussion on the case.