New 1-71 Interstate Ramp

December 20, 2022  |  I71, i71, mason-montgomery, press release

New Interstate Ramp Opens in Deerfield Township

Latest in Series of Public Improvements


Deerfield Township, OH – Over the weekend, officials opened the new southbound entrance ramp onto I-71 at Mason Montgomery Road. This investment is the latest in a series of infrastructure improvements that enhance going to and from Deerfield Township. 


According to Deerfield Township Trustee President Lelle Lutts Hedding, “This integral interchange project immediately improves our residents’ quality of life by moving traffic flow on Mason Montgomery in a more functional way. No one likes sitting in traffic, and as Deerfield Township is a premier location attracting new residents and businesses, we must continue to take our commitment to road and infrastructure improvements seriously.”


Since 2011 Deerfield Township has worked with Warren County Engineers Office, the Warren County Transportation Improvement District, and the City of Mason to complete several projects as part of a comprehensive plan to improve residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts along I-71 including:

  • I-71/Fields-Ertel - turning the interchange from 4 ramps to 6 ramps
  • I-71/Western Row - turning the interchange from 2 ramps to 6 ramps
  • Fields-Ertel - widening projects
  • Mason-Montgomery - widening project from 5 lanes to 7 lanes
  • Socialville-Fosters widening project from 2/3 lanes to 5 lanes
  • Innovation Way widening project from 3 lanes to 5 lanes and extending from SF to Duke Blvd


Deerfield Township Fiscal Officer Dan Corey says, “The I-71 corridor between Fields-Ertel and Western Row has become a powerhouse of economic activity for the State of Ohio. We have over 20 employment centers in this corridor that house over 500 employees in each location.”  


Deerfield Township and Warren County officials take great pride in the fact that these projects were completed in a cost effective manner, leveraging local funds with State and Federal resources to create the greatest possible return for taxpayers.


Funding for these projects included dollars generated by a tax increment financing agreement related to the P&G research facility and local contributions from Deerfield Township and City of Mason. $44 million from these sources was leveraged with State and Federal Funds to construct over $100M worth of Roadway Improvements.”


The NEW southbound Entrance Ramp from Mason-Montgomery Road to I-71 was the next to last project to be completed by this partnership. More than $7 million was invested for the design and construction of this improvement. The last project in this plan, a roundabout at Wilkens/Bardes Roads, is planned for 2024.




Deerfield Township spans 16 square miles in the southwest corner of Warren County and has borders with both Hamilton and Butler Counties. It is currently the most populous jurisdiction in the county with close to 45,000 residents.



Paul Brehm, Economic Development Director / PIO

Deerfield Township, Ohio

(513) 504-0384  


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