A New Life of Education for "Linda Kay"

June 2, 2015  |  emergency-services, events

It’s time for the “Linda Kay” to begin a new chapter in her already exciting life.  “Linda Kay” started service as a Fire Truck originally built by E-One Fire Apparatus in 1993.  After a brief time of in-service training, she began serving the citizens of her community with diligence and pride.  After her duties were completed, Deerfield Township acquired her in 2008 to service the North West quadrant of our township while all options were being explored related to providing the best coverage in the most efficient manner.  Once an agreement with The City of Mason was reached and their new facility opened, “Linda Kay” was retired to being a reserve unit supplementing the fleet of Deerfield Township.

In 2012, this piece of apparatus would serve her most important role to date.  You see, one of our current firefighter/paramedics lost her mother to breast cancer.  Within this close knit family we call the fire service, there needed to be something “special” to help our member bring awareness to this tragic disease that affects both men and women without rhyme, reason, or prejudice.  So this is how the next phase of her life began.  With the help of a huge donation from University Hospital West Chester, the pumper was wrapped completely in pink and dubbed; “Linda Kay” in honor of our members mother.  The slogan for “Linda Kay” was “driving for a cure”, and man did she ever.  She was requested from events ranging from small awareness meetings to major sporting events and helped to raise over $16,000.00.  Survivors of various types of cancers were allowed to sign the truck and provide others with messages of encouragement and hope.  It is estimated that there were some 2000 signatures with one being from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.  She’s Famous!!!

It’s now time for “Linda Kay” to serve in what will be her final role.  Effective immediately, “Linda Kay” will spend the rest of her life being an educator to the students of Butler Tech Vocational School.  As her role in Deerfield Township decreased, her services were requested by Director Jeff Travers and we at Deerfield Township Fire/Rescue couldn’t think of a better use in Linda’s quest to serve the public in whatever way she can.

So as we say goodbye to “Linda Kay”, we hope Butler Tech will welcome and adore all she has to offer the future firefighters to the tri-state area.  I’m sure Butler Tech’s Fire Program will benefit from her service as much as all those she has served in the past.  We wish you well “Linda Kay”, you will not be forgotten, but surly missed.