Parks Master Planning Workshop

Deerfield Parks & Recreation Master Planning

The Comprehensive Park Master Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 7, 2019 under Resolution #2019-31.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Park Master Plan is to offer strategies and operational policies that provide guidance in order to meet the needs of current and future Deerfield Township residents.

The Comprehensive Park Master Plan reflects Deerfield Township's strong commitment to provide high quality recreational activities for the community. The Plan provides guidance for future development and redevelopment of the Township’s parks, recreation programming, open space, trails, and facilities. It guides policy development, prioritizes demands and opportunities, and includes a strategic action plan to be updated every five years.

Final Comprehensive Park Master Plan

Appendices for Final Comprehensive Park Master Plan

Next Steps - Trustee Meeting Presentation

Fleckenstein Park Barn

2018 Planning Committee

Joel Smiddy, Service Director - Parks & Recreation

Eric Reiners, Administrator

Sam Hill, Planning and Zoning Director

Jim Flick, Economic Development Director

Stephanie Gebele, Recreation Manager

Consultant Team: Woolpert, PROS Consulting, ETC Leisure Vision

Deerfield Honors Veterans Park

2018 Citizen Steering Committee

We appreciate the dedicated community members who served on the CSC.

Tim Ackermann   Randy Kuvin
Lynn Brant   Sheila Murrell
Jonathan Cooper   Ken Natorp
Lyle Dailey   Meredith Raffel
Walt Daniels   Shannon Russell
Sheldon Davis   Sherry Taylor


Meeting Minutes, Reports, & Presentations

Community Engagement

Our goal was to develop a community-supported plan. Thank you to everyone who participated and provided their insight!

Focus Group Meeting Minutes

Public Workshop #1: Presentation, Meeting Minutes

Public Workshop #2: Agenda, Presentation, Meeting Minutes

Public Workshop #3: AgendaPresentation, Meeting Minutes

Public Workshop #4: AgendaPresentation, Meeting Minutes

Community Interest Survey (Statistically Valid)

Online Public Survey (Non-Random)

September 2018 Progress Report

Visioning Workshop


Deerfield Township has six (6) developed parks, along with several other open spaces and facilities, with a network of trails and recreational facilities that comprise over 450 acres. Additionally, there are two other parks (Landen-Deerfield Park and Minard Park) that are located within the municipal boundaries of Deerfield Township but are managed by another system.

Deerfield Township Base Map

Carter Park

Cottell Park

Fleckenstein Park

Kingswood Park

Roberts Park

Schappacher Park

Landen-Deerfield Park (WCPD)

Craig Minard (WCPD)

Foster's Crossing

Duke & Open Spaces

Shore Little Miami

Bowen & Deerfield South

Arbor Square

20 Mile Stand, Carriagegate, Townsely