Homes in Deerfield Township

Cost of Living

Overall the cost of living in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area is 9% below the national average making it an affordable, amenity rich location to reside in.

  • The median gross rent in Deerfield Township is $1,164
  • The median home value in Deerfield Township is $228,100

No Local Income Tax

As a township in the State of Ohio, Deerfield DOES NOT HAVE a local income tax.

Fiscal Responsibility and Exceptional Services

After any rollbacks, exemptions, credits, etc., Deerfield Township typically receives about 17.5% of total annual property taxes for its operations - a figure which includes all levies. Those funds go to operate fire, police, public works (roads), cemeteries, parks, zoning, and any other functions assocated with a large suburban township. The remaining 82.5% of what residents pay in property taxes goes to the schools, the county, and any other special assessments, such as a lighting district to fund street lights.

The township is continuously exploring and uncovering outside funding sources and grant opportunities for projects and improvements, where available and appropriate. This approach to operations works to stretch every tax dollar, and in some cases, leverages local resources against matching outside dollars to fund improvement projects.