Public Works

Where to report Problems

Street Signs: 

Please report faded, damaged or blocked street signs immediately to the Public Works Department at 513.697.2753 or after hours to the Warren County Dispatch Center at 513.925.2525.

Traffic Signals: 

Please report problems with traffic signals to the Warren County Engineer's Office during business hours at 513.695.3301, or after hours call Warren County Dispatch at 513.925.2525. If the malfunctioning signal is on US 22 & 3 (Montgomery Road), please contact the Ohio Department of Transportation at 513.932.3030.

Pot Holes: 

Please help us find and eliminate pot holes by reporting them during business hours to the Road Department at 513.697.2753, and after hours to the Warren County Dispatch at 513.925.2525.

Street Lights: 

Street light outages should be reported to Duke energy, here.  Specific street light outages on Waterstone Blvd. should be reported directly to Billy Highfill at 513.701.6958 or by email

Road Kill: 

You may call the Road Department to report any dead animals that are within the public right-of-way on Township maintained roads or contact us via email.  Depending on the level of decomposition and size of the dead animal, the Service Department may remove the animal or treat the animal with a substance that will accelerate the rate of decomposition and reduce the odor.  To report road kill, please call the Road Department at 513.697.2753 or email Jim Houston

General Problem:

To report a general problem or concern relating to the Township’s roadway, please call our office at 513-701-6958 or email the Director of Public Works.