Public Works

Township Protocol

The Deerfield Township Public Works Director and Road Supervisor monitor the roadway conditions and temperatures closely so we can respond quickly when conditions turn bad.  

Trucks usually begin to roll approximately ½ hour after “call in”. Main roads and overpasses get first priority followed by secondary roads and cul-de-sacs.  Currently, our Township is split into 10 separate routes.

Deerfield Township uses 9 large and 5 small trucks to spread salt and clean our roadways. Salt has seen widespread use since the 1960's and is the most available and cost effective material currently available. When salt is applied to snow or ice it dissolves, creating a brine (salt solution) that has a lower freezing temperature than the surrounding snow and ice. This keeps the snow and ice from forming a bond with the pavement and causes the snow and ice to melt. Salt remains effective to approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures drop to below 20 degrees, we sometimes apply a liquid calcium chloride solution to the salt as it is applied to the road. This lowers the effective working temperature to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Additionally, the Township sometimes utilizes an organic pre-wetting agent to assist in our snow fighting operations. 

Rule of Thumb for Removal Method

Less than 2 inches – Salt Only

Over 2 inches – Plows and Salt

Road Responsibility

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