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Resurfacing Information

Deerfield Township is responsible for maintaining 220 lane miles of public roadway annually.  Each year the Township performs a Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) evaluation on every Township maintained roadway to determine the current condition and anticipated lifespan of the pavement.  Utilizing the PCR value, a table is formed to assist in determining which roadways will be resurfaced or treated that year.  The Township utilizes a various number of pavement treatment methods from year to year.  The maintenance type and treatment method is determined on a number of factors including the PCR rating, pavement age, traffic volumes, overall level of deterioration, and available funding. 

In order to adequately maintain the Township roadways, we strive to seek outside funding along with utilization of alternative pavement treatment methods.  In 2015, we began application of a pavement treatment known as Black Mat.  This is an interim treatment between resurfacing cycles, which allows us to stretch the life of the asphalt pavement.

2017 Major Projects

Mason Road Widening (Butler Warren Rd to Township Limits) – Construction May 2017 to December 2017…Road Closure dates to be published in May 2017.

Irwin-Simpson and Columbia Right Turn Lane Construction – February 2016-April 2016

2017 Annual Resurfacing Project

Pavement Condition Rating Map

Asphalt Resurfacing

Irwin-Simpson (Columbia Rd to Duke Blvd)

Bonnie Lee Ln

Timber Rail Ln

Fawn Run Dr

Fox Run Dr

Homecrest Ln

Hempstead Ct

Hunters Green Dr

Lake Field Ct

Fox Field Ct

Bugle Ct

Trailwood Ct

North Trail

South Trail

Fox and Hound Ct

Hunters Trail

Kings Center Ct

Kings Center Dr

Pavement Maintenance

& Black Mat Treatment

Simpson Creek South Way

Windwood Ct

Cora Ct

Lee Ct

Comeron Ct

Stone Trace Dr

Trailside Ct

August Ct

Bradford Ct

Birchwood Ct

Alexandria Dr

Prospect Pl

Autumn Hill Dr

Cohen Ct

Winding Creek Ct

Meadowview Dr

Simpson Creek North Way

The Township will also be performing sidewalk inspections on those streets to be resurfaced and notifying homeowners if they are responsible for repair of the sidewalk in front of their home. 

Please feel free to contact Wess Kroll if you have any questions regarding the annual maintenance programs.