Public Works


Western Row Road Closure (45 days)

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Fields-Ertel & Columbia Road Roundabout (14 weeks)

Fourteen Week Closure at Fields-Ertel Road and Columbia Road Intersection (Lebanon Road in Hamilton County)

Mason Road (5 months)

Mason Road Closure from Butler Warren Road to Maxwell Drive/Whispering Springs Drive


Annual Resurfacing Project

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Irwin Simpson Resurfacing

Irwin Simpson from Columbia to Duke Blvd is scheduled to be resurfaced including installation of new pavement markings June 5-15, 2017.  This work is associated with the final phase of construction to the new turn lane at Irwin Simpson and Columbia Road.  Construction activities will take place Monday to Friday from 9:00am and 3:30pm to minimize the impact to the traveling public.  During construction, through traffic will be prohibited.  Local residents will be provided access to homes along Irwin Simpson by the use of a two-way flagging operation.

Right-of-way Tree Removal Project

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New Street Signs

Deerfield Township is in the process of upgrading street signs on all Township roadways.  The new street signs which meet the new Federal Highway Administrations requirements for signs, also include the Township logo.  This will help residents identify which roads actually belong to Deerfield Township.  The overall replacement project will take 4 years to implement.

Mason Road Widening Project

Deerfield Township plans to widen Mason Road from Butler-Warren Road to 400 ft West of Maxwell Drive. The project includes new construction with full depth pavement, widening of the existing roadway and bridge, multi-use path, curb and gutter, new storm sewer, pavement markings, and updated signage. This project was funded through a partnership between Deerfield Township and the Warren County Engineer’s Office, who successfully received a 49% match from the Ohio Public Works Commission. Right-of-Way acquisition and utility relocation work is near completion. Construction is scheduled to start in June 2017.

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Western Row Interchange Project

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Mason-Montgomery Road Pathway

The Township collaborated with the City of Mason to apply for Federal Transportation Alternative funds, through OKI Regional Council of Governments, to construct a new pathway along Mason-Montgomery Road, just north of Bethany. This new pathway will create an important link in the community’s pathway network by connecting to Fleckenstein Park. The Township and City were successful in their application and have been awarded the funding to construct the pathway.  Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2017 and be complete by December 2017.


Warren County TID project - Socialville-Fosters Bridge - Completed

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Irwin-Simpson and Columbia Right Turn Lane Construction – Completed, Resurface scheduled for June 5 to 15

The turn lane construction was completed in April and May on 2016.  The resurfacing of Irwin-Simpson from Columbia Road to Duke Boulevard is a scope item of this project and has yet to be completed.  The increased traffic on Irwin-Simpson during the initial phases of work, due to the Socialville-Foster bridge closing, made it extremely difficult to complete the resurfacing work in the 2016 season.  With the re-opening of Socialville-Fosters Road, the remaining items of work on Irwin Simpson Road will be performed on weekdays between peak hour flow (9am-3:30pm) once local schools are no longer in session   

Irwin-Simpson Phase II Widening Project - Completed

Irwin-Simpson Road is now open between Snider and Butler-Warren.  This widening project was completed two months ahead of schedule.  The new safety improvements and pedestrian walkway have been a tremendous improvement for that stretch of roadway.  Residents in the area are now able to connect into the new sanitary sewer system that was constructed as part of this project.   We thank everyone for their patience and understanding while this improvement project was underway.

Public Works Service Facility -Completed

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The Township has constructed a new service facility complex at 3378 Townsley Drive, the location of old fire station 57.  Construction began in early 2015.   The project was entirely funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and did not utilize or impact any of the residential property taxes collected.  All funds came from the commercial taxing districts which are within established TIF areas.