Frequently Asked Questions

See the below dashboard to find a selection of frequently asked questions. Don't see the question you have? Please feel free to explore the Services and Government tabs of this website for more information about the township, our operations, and services we provide or you can contact us by either calling our office at 513.701.6958 or by filling out our contact form

Brush/Leaf Removal Information

Does Deerfield Township have a service setup so I can dispose of my live Christmas Tree?

Yes, to learn where you can drop off your Christmas Tree for recycling visit this page here.

Is there a fee to have my brush chipped?

No.  This is a service provided by Deerfield Township at no charge to residents.

When is brush & leaf pick up for my neighborhood?

Brush will be picked up Monday through Friday during the last full week of each month from April through October.  Leaf pickup is only scheduled in November.  Please click here for detailed information about schedules and pickup requirements.

Who do I contact with a question concerning my brush pick up?

The quickest way is to use our contact form right here on our website and we will get back with you very soon or call 513.701.6958 and ask for the Road Supervisor.

Why does the brush need to be as close to the curb as possible?

Public Works employees are not permitted to work on private property.

Why was my brush not picked up?

The Township road crew passes through each road one time to pickup during brush week.  Please see reasons why my brush may not be picked up and the brush schedule requirements.

Contact Information

How do I contact the Economic Development Department?

You can contact our main line at 513.701.6958 and you will be directed to the appropriate contact.

How do I contact the Human Resource Department?

Staff for our Human Resources Department can be found by clicking here.

How do I contact the main township administrative office?

The main office can be reached by calling 513.701.6958.

How do I contact the Parks and Recreation Department?

Staff for our Parks and Recreation Department can be found by clicking here.

How do I contact the Planning and Zoning Department?

Staff for our Planning and Zoning Department can be found by clicking here.

How do I contact the Public Works Department?

Staff for our Public Works Department can be found by clicking here.

Disposal Services

Does Deerfield Township have a service setup so I can dispose of my live Christmas Tree?

Yes, to learn where you can drop off your Christmas Tree for recycling visit this page here.

Emergency Services

Can I have an open burn in Deerfield Township?

No.  Open burns are not permitted in Deerfield Township nor do we give out permits to do so.

How do I contact the police non-emergency number?

You can call 513.701.1800 or call the non-emergency dispatch number at 513.925.2525.  You can also stop by the post at 4900 Parkway Dr. Suite 100.

How do I get a house or wellness check up?

Fill out the appropriate Vacation House Check or Citizen Contact form located here on our Neighborhood Services page.

How do I get the Fire Department to inspect my business?

Please phone 513.678.2292 to schedule an inspection for your business.

How do I reach the Fire Department?

In the case of an emergency dial 911.  For non-emergency questions and scheduling please phone 513.459.0875.

I need a background check.  Who should I contact?

We can do fingerprints for township residents here at the post, provided you already have your card(s).  If a full background check is needed you need to go to the main office in Lebanon, Ohio at 550 Justice Drive.  Click here to find more information.

My smoke detector is chirping and I can't reach it.  Who do I call to change the batteries?

If you smell smoke or are unsure please phone 911.  If you need assistance changing the batteries please phone the main station number at 513.459.0875.

Employment Opportunities

Is the township currently hiring?

Job postings and available board appointment opportunities can be found by clicking here.

Excessive Noise

Does Deerfield Township have a resolution for excessive noise?

Yes, Resolution 2008-071.

General Information

What are the Township's office hours?

Monday through Thursday, 7:00am - 4:30pm.  Friday, 7:00am - 3:30pm.

Medical Disposal

Where can I dispose of medication properly?

Warren County jail has a drop box in the lobby.  It's only for pills and capsules -no liquids or syringes.

No Parking Signs

Are all of Deerfield Township subdivisions going to be marked?

Yes, subdivisions will be posted as they are paved.  Any neighborhood constructed after 2005 already has the NO PARKING signs installed before they are accepted for maintenance by the County and Deerfield Township.

How is the location of NO PARKING sign determined?

The NO PARKING signs are typically placed on the property lines of homeowners.  NO PARKING signs are installed at a 30 to 45 degree angle and spaced based on the visibility to our travelling public.

I don't like the placement of the sign, can the NO PARKING sign be moved?

In most cases the answer is no; however Deerfield Township will be happy to send out a representative to look into your request or recommendation.

What code are you following and how do you determine which side of the street is marked for NO PARKING?

Warren County Code states that one side of the street be designated for NO PARKING.  Deerfield Township, just like many neighboring communities chooses the fire hydrant side, to ensure our emergency vehicles can respond and have access to the hydrants in an emergency situation.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the newly installed NO PARKING sign?

Chip Cowan - 513.701.6978 in his direct line at the Deerfield Township main office.

Why is the cul-de-sac marked NO PARKING?

The cul-de-sac is a continuation of that side of the street.  It is done in order to maintain sufficient space for our emergency vehicles.  Cul-de-sacs are designed to allow traffic to make a U-turn at a dead-end street.  The typical residential roadway is 24-feet in width and many our newer cul-de-sacs are approximately 80 feet in width.  The minimum turning requirements for some of our fire apparatus requires the entire area to make a U-turn.  Parking in a cul-de-sac also may interfere with access to fire hydrants, delivery from the U.S. Postal Server, snow removal and is often time incompatible with driveways.

The reason for no parking in the cul-de-sac is to ensure safe passage for the emergency vehicles; the emergency vehicle must be able to access and get out of the cul-de-sac quickly.  In some cases they may need to get more than one fire truck or a fire truck and two ambulances.

Paint Disposal

Where can I drop off my old paint for disposal?

Warren County Soid Waste Management has a paint recycling drop-off.  For more information, please contact the Solid Waste District at 513.695.1209 or visit their website.

Parks and Recreation

How do I reserve a shelter or gazebo in a Deerfield Township park?

Shelters and gazebos are on a first-come first-serve basis and are not able to be reserved at this time.

How do I reserve an athletic field?

Athletic field reserveration requests are completed online via our Parks and Recreation website,  For detailed steps on the application process, please click here.

I found orphaned or injured wildlife in the park.  What should I do?

Please visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife website for information on what to do if you find orphaned or injured wildlife.  Their site also contains a list of local wildlife rehabilitators, in case the animal requires care.  If you had additional questions, the Ohio Division of Wildlife may be reached at 937.372.9261.

I lost something in a Deerfield Township park.  Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, we bring lost and found items back to the Administration Office.  Please call 513.701.6958 with a description of your item.

What hours are Deerfield Township parks open?

Deerfield Township parks are open daily daylight to dark.

Where can I find information on your events and programs?

For information on events and programs, please visit our Parks and Recreation website at

Past Meetings

How do I access video recordings of a public meeting?

Link to our "Meetings" page and you search by keyword or find the "video" link for the date of the meeting.

Planning and Zoning

Do I need to call for a final inspection?

No, Deerfield Township does not require the applicant/property owner to be present during their final inspection.

How do I locate the zoning in the Township for a desired property?

Use our Zoning Finder map.

How long is my Zoning Certificate valid?

Zoning Certificates are valid for twelve months from the date of issuance.

What are the fees associated with a zoning certificate?

Please see the fee schedule from our Planning and Zoning Department.

What is typically turnaround on the issuance of a Zoning Certificate?

Approximately 3-5 business days.

When do I need a Zoning Certificate?

Any new construction requires the issuance of a zoning certificate to ensure that the standards of the Zoning Resolution are adhered to.

Who do I contact regarding my Zoning Certificate?

The Zoning Coordinator is the contact regarding information for the Residential Zoning Certificates and the Planning Manager handles all Commercial Zoning Certificates.  Click here for contact information.

Pot Holes, Dead Animals, Street Signs, Street Lights, or Traffic Signals

Who do I contact about pot holes, dead animals, street signs, street lights, or traffic signals?

Please click here for detailed contact information.

Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Repair

How do I know if the Township services my road?

Please click here to to see who maintains your road.

My sidewalk outside my house is in bad shape who's responsible to repair it?

Please click here to learn more about sidewalk repair.

When will my road be resurfaced?

Please click here to see what roads are scheduled to be resurfaced.

Road/Economic Development Projects

How do I find more information about the road or development project going on near me?

Check out our interactive projects maps for details.

Snyder House

Where can I find information on renting the Snyder House at Cottell Park?

Please visit our Parks and Recreation website,, for information on renting the Snyder House or click here.


For a more comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Snyder House, please click here.


Snyder House Inquiries: Susan Secrist

Office Phone: 513.701.6972


Summer Camps

Do Deerfield Residents have priority registration for summer camps?

For summer camps managed by the Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation Department, Deerfield Residents do have priority registration, which enables then to register prior to Non-Residents.  (Deerfield Township summer camps will have a "DT" in the activity code.)  For summer camps hosted in Deerfield parks, but managed by other organizations, this may vary.  Please see the specific program for the registration details.

What is your cancellation policy for summer camps?

Participant requested changes must be made no later than 10 business days prior to the first day of camp.


-If a minimum numbers are still met after the camp cancellation and openings are available in other summer camps, you have the option to switch to a different camp taking place within the same summer.  Additional restrictions may apply.


-Refunds are subject to a $10 per registration processing fee and will only be granted when requested no later than 10 business days prior to the first day of camp.

Where can I find information on Deerfield Township Summer Camps?

Deerfield Township Summer Camp information is posted during the last week of February.  Please visit our Parks and Recreation website,, for more information.

Surplus Items

What does the Township do with surplus items?

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) requires that townships sell declared surplus items of a certain value via public auction, sealed bid, sale, or negotiation.  Give the convenience, transparency, limitless pool of potential buyers, and competitiveness of online auctions, the Township utilizes to publically auction surplus equipment and supplies.  GovDeals markets itself as a "liquidity services marketplace", where bidding competition for surplus items is available around the clock from the convenience of a keyboard.

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

How do I make a memorial donation to the Township?

Deerfield Township offers programs for the community to purchas memorial benches, trees, and brick pavers through our Parks and Recreation Department.  For more information on our donation programs, please visit our Parks and Recreation website,

What volunteer opportunities does Deerfield Township offer?

Deerfield offers opportunities throughout the year for groups and individuals to volunteer in the parks, including special events and park maintenance/improvement projects.  We also welcome Eagle Scout Projects.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Stephanie at or 513.701.6977.