Public Works



The State of Ohio is responsible for all States Routes and Interstates (i.e. Interstate 71, 3C Highway, U.S. Route 22/3).

Warren County

Warren County Engineer's Office takes care of county roads, including, but not limited to Columbia Rd, Snider Rd, Butler-Warren Rd, Mason-Montgomery Rd, Socialville-Fosters Rd. and Landen Dr.


Deerfield Township has responsibility for the subdivision streets, or the streets that feed onto the main roads which equates to over 200 lane miles.

Deerfield Township is in the process of upgrading street signs on all Township roadways.  The new street signs which meet the new Federal Highway Administrations requirements for signs, also include the Township logo.  This will help residents identify which roads actually belong to Deerfield Township.  The overall replacement project will take 4 years to implement.