Public Works

Speed Humps

The following information will provide you with a brief description of what speed humps are, their purpose, advantages, and disadvantages.


 A speed “hump” is a raised area in the roadway pavement surface extending traversely across the travel way.  A speed “hump” is not to be confused with a speed “bump”, which is a raised area in a private driveway or parking lot.

Speed humps………

  • Typically 12’ long and 3 to 4 inches high.  Usually placed across the roadway between intersections.
  • Used as a possible means to reduce traffic speeds in the immediate vicinity of the speed hump.

You can view a speed hump within the township on Pembrook Street located in the Montgomery Hills Subdivision.  If you travel South on Columbia Road coming from Montgomery Road, you would turn left onto Kingsley Court.  The next left would be Permbrooke Street.  There you will find an example of what a possible speed hump may look like.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the details of a speed hump, please feel free to contact the Deerfield Township Public Works Department for further information.  We can be reached at 701.6958.