Public Works

Master Path Plan

Deerfield Township strives to create a well-connected and walkable community for its residents. There are numerous sidewalk and pathway projects that are undertaken each year. Primarily, those projects are funded through outside grants, or by leveraging dollars being spent on roadway improvement projects. Whenever there is an opportunity for the Township to collaborate with an active roadway project, we do so to have pedestrian facilities constructed at the same time as the roadway project. This enables us to significantly reduce the overall cost for the pedestrian improvements. We do not have a specific budget that is solely allocated toward construction of new pathways, but we do continually seek outside funding to make those connections. The list of projects below outlines numerous projects that have been undertaken in recent years. In addition to the publicly constructed pathways and sidewalks, Township Zoning requires all new commercial and residential developments to construct pedestrian walkways along their property frontage. This has contributed to the successfully completion of  countless miles of pathway around our community. Lastly, the Township is an active participant in the “Miami 2 Miami” planning committee, through “Tri-State Trails” ( where communities from the Tri-State collaborate on creating connections throughout the area. This committee involvement allows us to plan and jointly apply for funding to create valuable pedestrian connection around the entire area. 

Current Township sidewalk/pathway projects underway:

Project Costs Funding Type
Irwin-Simpson Road between Charleston Valley and Butler-Warren $50,000 (TIF)
Mason-Montgomery Road from Bethany to Fleckenstein Park $31,000 (OKI Grant)
Mason Road between Whispering Springs Drive and Butler-Warren $35,000 (Local Resident)
Innovation Way between Socialville-Foster and Duke Blvd $225,000 (WC – TID)
TOTAL $341,000  

Recently Completed

Project Costs Funding Type
Irwin-Simpson Road between Charleston Valley and Snider   $49,000 (TIF)
Kings Mills Road – Carter Park Pathway $200,000 (ODNR Grant)
Old Irwin-Simpson from Mason-Montgomery to Schappacher Park $25,000 (TIF)
Snider Road from Cottell Park to Squires Gate $133,000 (TIF)
Socialville-Foster Road from Ashmont to Simpsons Creek $96,000 (TIF)
22&3 Sidewalk Project (6 miles built) $1 Million (OKI Grant)
22&3 Sidewalk side connections $26,000 (OKI and TIF)
Mason-Montgomery Road from Parkway Drive to Natorp $52,000 (TIF)
Mason Road Pathway Project $50,000 (OPWC Grant)
TOTAL $1,631,000  

Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Policy