Captain Dennis Waldbillig Retiring After 43 Years Of Fire Service

Posted on: October 3, 2018 5:00 pm Tags: Warren county, Deerfield township, Fire department

Deerfield Township, Warren County, OH:  Deerfield Township Fire Rescue Captain Dennis Waldbillig will retire October 5, 2018 after 43 years of public service.

Growing up in a family steep in tradition of the fire service Waldbillig initially began his career in high school as a cadet for Sharonville Fire Depart in 1974 helping maintain equipment and fire hydrants, including the rebuild of a 1952 Mack firetruck. In 1975 Waldbillig officially became an active volunteer firefighter/EMT. The next summer in 1976 started as a security officer at Kings Island. During that time he completed training to become a Warren County Special Deputy and was grandfathered in as an EMT.

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Roadwork to Begin Rich / Davis / Primrose Intersection Safety Improvements October 8th

Posted on: September 26, 2018 5:00 pm Tags: Public works

Detour Map 1

Detour Map 2

Work includes intersection realignment and storm sewer repairs

Deerfield Township - Deerfield Township has been working with the Warren County Engineer’s Office for the past two years on the design of a project that would realign Primrose Drive with Rich Road at the Davis Road intersection. These improvements are necessary to improve safety for drivers in the area. The realignment greatly increases visibility and reduces conflict points that can lead to injury-related crashes.  

Township Trustees and Administration are moving forward with this safety improvement plan in order to eliminate injury and non-injury crashes that have been known to occur at this intersection. In the past five years alone there have been six injury-related crashes and three non-injury crashes at the intersection of Primrose Drive and Rich Road.

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Deerfield Township Reaches Agreement on Children’s Learning Adventure Project Site

Posted on: September 25, 2018 5:00 pm

Deerfield Township – Deerfield Township staff has reached a preliminary agreement with representatives for Kansas-City-based ECE I, LLC to begin the process of clearing the Children’s Learning Adventure (CLA) site at 8200 Wilkens Blvd.

The owner of the site, ECE I, LLC (ECE), previously leased the property to CLA in order to construct a day care facility. ECE owns numerous other properties across the country (one located in West Chester) that were similarly leased to CLA for childcare and educational purposes.

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