Parks Master Plan

The purpose of the Parks Master Plan is to develop a community-supported comprehensive plan that provides guidance for future development and redevelopment of the Township’s parks, recreation programming, open space, trails, and facilities.

The Parks Master Plan will guide policy development, prioritize demands and opportunities, and generate a strategic action plan to be updated every five years. Moreover, this plan will create a clear set of goals, policies, and objectives thus providing direction to Township staff and the Board of Trustees for development, re-development, expansion and enhancement of the Township's parks system, open spaces, trails, recreation facilities, and recreation programs and services for a short-term (2020), mid-term (2025) and long-term (2035) range.

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Township staff is committed to making the Parks Master Plan process transparent and inclusive. To this end a great deal of community engagement has occurred and will continue moving forward. To find reports, copies of presentations, and results of the public engagement process visit

Additionally, below is the video from our most recent Community Visioning Workshop.

Video from Community Vision Workshop #3