20 Mile Stand Park

Pocket Parks

Pocket parks are small scale open spaces that preserve green space and provide a place for people to enjoy the outdoors. Deerfield Township provides the following pocket parks for the community.

20 Mile Stand Park

Nantucket Drive & OH 22/3

Located in the front section of the Nantucket development, the 20 Mile Stand Park is beautifully landscaped and has a walking path, re-circulating waterscape and lighting. The gazebo and sculptures are the perfect backdrop for photos. Parking is available.

Arbor Square Park

Socialville-Foster Rd & Mason-Montgomery Rd

This park offers a walking path and green space. The park may be accessed via the sidewalk connecting to the adjacent shopping center. This park does not have a park sign or parking lot.

Bowen Park

Bowen Drive & Planetree Boulevard

Bowen Park offers a pond, recirculating waterscape, bench, and walking path. Parking is available.