Carter Park

1720 East King Avenue

Days Open:   Sun - Sat

Hours of Operation:   Daylight

Amenities:   Hiking, Walking Path, Road Cycling, Quilt Barn, StoryWalkArchery Range (under construction)

Donation Programs:   Memorial Benches and Memorial Trees

This over 85 acre park is located on the north side of Kings Island. This land also borders the ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) property which is next to the Little Miami River. The area has been used as a passive park since it was purchased in 2002. The park is mostly wooded, with a variety of natural features and topography which provide an ideal setting for wildlife.

The natural features include a pond, several meadows, trails throughout the site with a tree canopy, large wooded areas, and steep elevation changes. The natural beauty and scenic views offer a distinctly different set of recreational opportunities than any other park in the township.

In August of 2011, the “King’s Crown” quilt barn was unveiled. This is the second quilt barn installed at Deerfield Township parks and is part of a collaboration with The Arts Alliance to create a quilt barn trail.

In 2013, Deerfield Township received a WILD School Site Grant from the Ohio Division of Wildlife to develop a wildlife/learning garden at the park. It was named the Goldenrod Garden by the 6th - 8th grade youth who designed the space. The garden area provides opportunities for hands-on nature exploration and includes a youth-created observation blind, native plant garden, stump stool gathering space, rock pile, brush pile, and local bird/butterfly guides. On-going projects are planned to further enhance the space through youth-driven projects in Deerfield Township Summer Camps. We encourage the community to visit the space, watch the gardens develop, observe the impact on local wildlife, and enjoy nature!

Please note that the historic King Mansion and carriage house located adjacent to the park belong to a private residence and are private property. Learn about the history of the King Mansion through this video.