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Planning and Zoning

Applications 2017-2018  

2018 Residential Permit Applications:

Single Family Dwelling $250.00 Get Form
Multi-Family Dwelling $150.00 per unit Get Form
Accessory Use $35.00 Get Form
Residential Addition $35.00 Get Form
Home Occupation $35.00 Get Form

2018 Commercial Permit Applications:

Commercial Construction and Commercial Addition $.10/SF, $500 min, $4000 max Get Form
Commercial Occupancy $35.00 Get Form
Interior/Exterior Renovation $200.00 Get Form
Temp Tent $50.00 Get Form
Temp Trailer $35.00 Get Form

2018 Sign Permit Applications:

Temporary Sign $30.00-30 day period Get Form
Sign 0 - 40 sq ft $100.00 Get Form
Sign 40.1 - 60 sq ft $125.00 Get Form
Sign 60.1 - above sq ft $175.00 Get Form

2018 Site Plan & PUD Modification Applications

Stage I/Map Amendment $1000.00 Get Form
Stage II/Final PUD $750.00 Get Form
Minor PUD Modification Administrative $100.00 Get Form
Minor PUD Modification Zoning Commission $500.00 Get Form
Major PUD Modification $1000.00 Get Form

2018 Variance Applications

Residential Variance/Conditional Use $300.00 Get Form
Area-Dimensional Use Variance $300.00 Residential / $400.00 Commercial Get Form
Variance/Conditional Use-Other Districts $400.00 Get Form

2018 Township Issued Documents & Printed Materials

Zoning Code $20.00 Pick Up
Zoning Map Small 24x36 $6.00 Pick Up
Zoning Map Large 36x48 $12.00 Pick Up
Comprehensive Plan $20.00 Pick Up
Zoning Letter/Staff Plan Review $100.00 Call Us

Board Appointment Applications

Board of Zoning Appeals   Get Form
Zoning Commission   Get Form

Public Works

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