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Deerfield Township will be debt free by 2020

Imagine a fast-growing town of 40,000 people with amazing schools, an expanding economy, diverse housing options, improving roads and infrastructure, high quality social and cultural amenities, and no debt. That’s the goal Deerfield Township Trustees have been deliberately pursuing for the last decade. With the recent release of its Debt Free 2020 Plan, Deerfield affirmed its commitment to a financially responsible community that supports an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

“We’ve been aggressive about it, and our strong economy helped,” said Chris Romano, President of the Board of Trustees, pointing out that since 2006, Deerfield has eliminated nearly $23 million in long- and short-term debt. “We made some smart choices early on that supported our growth even during a challenging national economy. That allowed us the flexibility to meet the increasing demand for services while also paying down a significant amount of debt,” said Romano.

Vice President of the Board, Dan Corey, agrees. “Along the way, Deerfield has become one of the most prestigious and vibrant communities in Southwest Ohio. Our residents enjoy safe neighborhoods, solid public services, and a dynamic quality of life.“ Corey added that the trustees’ fiscally conservative approach has enabled the township to continue to provide excellent services without seeking additional revenue from taxpayers. “We consider the well-being of the next generation, as well as the future of the township, in every decision we make,” said Corey. “Being debt free by 2020 will enable us to continue providing a the kind of community our residents will be proud to call home.”

“Responsible stewardship of our resources is our standard,” added Trustee Wayne Speer. “We have an unflinching commitment to decisions that are fiscally responsible and improve the quality of life for residents and businesses.” Speer said that eliminating the township’s remaining debt obligations will strengthen and support local schools as they continue to grow. “Deerfield has a strong partnership with both the Kings Local and Mason City School Districts and we take great pride in the fact that our financial stability has a positive impact on our school community, and will ensure quality schools in our township for our students and families.”

“We are proud to partner with Deerfield to ensure our children gain the skills they need for their future. Deerfield’s commitment to financial excellence and investment in our district has direct benefits for our children and community,” said Kings Local School District Superintendent Tim Ackermann.

Gail Kist-Kline, Superintendent of Mason City Schools underscored the strong partnership between the township and local schools noting, “We work hard to exceed the expectations of our students and families, adding programming that both challenges and supports our student body, while being fiscally responsible. So we completely appreciate the integrity and intentional focus required to service debt and be good stewards of public funds, and we appreciate the hard work the Deerfield Trustees have done to become debt free.”

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